What is
vibrating feeder?

Vibrating feeder is an economic and technical indicators of advanced feeding equipment.Vibrating feeder can be massive, granular material from the silo in the uniform, regular, continuous to the receiving device to go in the gravel production line can be broken for the continuous uniform feeding machine.

In the gravel production line for crushing machinery for continuous and uniform feeding, and coarse screening of materials, widely used in metallurgy, coal, mineral processing, building materials, chemicals, abrasives and other industries, crushing, screening and joint equipment.

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working principle
of vibrating feeder

Vibrating feeder is the use of eccentric block in the rotation of the centrifugal force, so that the screen box, vibrator and other movable part of the forced circular or nearly circular motion.

Vibrating feeder is composed of feeding tank body, exciter, spring bearing, transmission device and so on. The vibrating source of the tank vibrating feed is the exciter. The exciter is composed of two eccentric shafts (main and passive) and a gear pair. The motor drives the drive shaft through the V-belt, and then the driven shaft engages the driven shaft Rotation, the main and passive axis at the same time reverse rotation, the tank vibration, the continuous flow of materials to achieve the purpose of conveying materials.

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vibration feeder has the advantages of simple structure, uniform feeding, good continuous performance and adjustable exciting force.

1.Small size, light weight, simple structure;
2.Installation, easy maintenance, low operating costs;
3.High efficiency, large feeding capacity;
4.Low noise, is conducive to improving the working environment;
5.Low power consumption, high power factor;
6.Vibration feeder in the far ultra-resonant state, and thus the amplitude of stability, reliable operation, a variety of materials adaptability;

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of vibrating feeder

Vibration feeder designed for crushing and screening coarse crusher in front of uniform delivery of large pieces of material design.

Vibrating feeder can be divided into steel structure and grate structure, the steel structure of the feeder for the gravel material production line, the material will be evenly into the crushing equipment; grate structure of the feeder can be coarse screening of materials, So that the system in the preparation of more economical and reasonable, in the crushing and screening has been indispensable as a device.

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As a member of SINOCSM Group, We provide vibrating feeder, bar motor vibration feeder, groove clinker conveyor, K-type reciprocating coal feeder, motor vibration feeder,electro-vibrating feeder which are widely used for cement industry, steelmaking industry ,chemical industry and so on.

Vibration feeder has the advantages of reliable operation, low noise, low energy consumption, no punching phenomenon, long service life, convenient maintenance, light weight, small size, convenient installation and adjustment of equipment and good comprehensive performance. When the closed structure of the fuselage can prevent dust pollution.

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